Practice makes perfect, or does it? – March

Practising with Udemy course  The Ultimate Drawing Masterclass

Some more pitiful tries drawing Marilyn

Then as Marilyn definitely was not improving, took one random photo from internet and made a drawing of her – in my opinion succeeded a bit better than with Marilyn.

Also attempted to draw my daughter from a photo where she was as a baby

and cats …

Practice makes perfect, or does it? – February

Practising with my daughter, she has decided the subjects:

I decided also  to try to learn drawing with two different sites (in addition to youtube):

After some so and so practice, the next task was to draw Marilyn – here I prove very much my statement that I cannot draw anything, this is really pitiful

Other good sites (in Finnish) – same person teaching in them all

He uses classical realism methods, e.g. Bargue drawings

On the right hand side is a picture from book  Drawing Course by Charles Bargue  (&  Jean-Lén Gérôme ) and on the left side is my try to replicate it.

I can’t draw even a stickman

I’ve always said that I can’t draw even a stickman, and for decades haven’t even tried. A few months back my daughter finally convinced me to try to draw some manga character, and surprisingly they actually reminded the originals a bit.

After that, she still had asked me without success a few times to draw with her. This week I, for some weird reason, decided to start practice drawing a bit. I found some nice videos from youtube and followed along those. The results are not good by any standard (except when comparing to those stickmen I drew a long, long time ago), but I am pretty happy anyway.

I still cannot draw a stickman, but I think that if I just keep on practicing, I might someday be quite happy with my progress – and anyway when/if the drawing itself is fun, then who cares about how ‘perfect’ or ‘awful’ the pictures are.

This one was the first I watched:

And while watching I drew these:

Then I found a youtube channel Draw So Cute, where – like the name says – there are so cute drawings. I drew the following pictures along the lines described in videos. Of course, there is a lot of improvement needed, but still, for first efforts, I think those are not awfully lousy.

I hope that I will have time to practice. It seems that there are lots and lots ‘learn how to draw’ videos on YouTube, so teaching is available for many styles.

Three projects ongoing

I have currently three projects under work/planning.

The boy I won from Primadolls is missing his shirt and hat. I have assembled Nilaya (kit from Dana Burton), but not started dressing her yet.

I also just assembled and painted another doll (blank) I’ve bought quite awhile ago. I am now looking at her and for inspiration pictures in order to decide what kind of doll to try to create. I do have an initial idea, but as i am not that good in this yet, would need to find a pattern (or something close to my  idea, that I could tweak a bit) for her dress.