First Dana Burton’s doll kit

I have lots of lovely doll kits from Dana Burton. Unfortunately I have not gotten myself to do them. Here is the first one I have actually finished.

Original doll made by Dana

Dana Burton’s original 2014 spring Heiress #4

My Azul, still in progress

Azul, mermaid, here still bald

My Azul finished

My Azul
Azul, finished on 14th December. 2014. Kit & class by Dana Burton


Mini Jazzi is here – 27.01.2014

Mini Jazzi got here today. She is pretty tired from the trip, but she seems to be happy to be here. We are really excited to have her here, she is our very first foreign visitor. We know that she loves Christmas, so we decided to offer her for her first Finnish meal some traditional Finnish Christmas food. In the first photo mini Jazzi is settling down in her room. She seemed to be happy to have a laptop in her use, perhaps she is just now checking her e-mails. In the second photo I am just checking the dinner preparation situation in the kitchen. It seems that everything is ready. In the third photo my sister is chatting with our housekeeper, she’s pretty formidable lady, not always the most hard-working but we’ve known her since our childhood and do not want to be too bossy.

2014-01-27 19.56.54


2014-01-27 19.55.50


2014-01-27 19.55.31

2014-01-27 19.55.43

2014-01-27 19.55.38

Alusta loppuun itse tehty – ainakin melkein ;-) – 19.05.2013

Vihdoinkin se on valmis Рsiis ensimmäinen aivan itse tehty nukke. Ei kylläkään käsin muovailtu, mutta ihan omin käsin on kaadettu Flumoa muottiin (Parker-Levin Mammy), ja siitä eteenpäin tehty ihan itte :-).


Kaikki muu on siis itse tehty√§ paitsi hartiahuivi, jonka olen joko ostanut tai saanut jostain vaihdosta. Ei h√§n ihan ‘master piece’ ole, mutta ensimm√§iseksi yritykseksi olen aika tyytyv√§inen.