second half of May – still practicing sometimes

Still practicing different things. I do not have very much time, and when I would have time, I have no energy to practice much, but anything is better than nothing, right?

I started redrawing the portrait in online drawing course ‘Muotokuva helposti’  Only outlines so far.

I though that portrait course was so good – as even I was almost able to follow the instructions 😉 – so I joined also his basics of drawing course ‘Piirtämisen perusteet

Here are some of the drawings I made when practicing different things on that course. There is a lot of need for improvement, so would really need to practice more. On the first one perspective is definitely somehow wacky. On the second the picture on the right hand side has been drawn normally, and the left hand side having the reference picture and my paper upside down. Presumably drawing things upside down might improve your drawings, but here definitely that is not the case.

I also did some random shading exercises and played with oil pastels

One very good resource – if you wish to draw more cartoon style pictures – is Christopher Hart. He has made several books, but he is also available in youtube:

Practice makes perfect, or does it? – February

Practising with my daughter, she has decided the subjects:

I decided also  to try to learn drawing with two different sites (in addition to youtube):

After some so and so practice, the next task was to draw Marilyn – here I prove very much my statement that I cannot draw anything, this is really pitiful

Other good sites (in Finnish) – same person teaching in them all

He uses classical realism methods, e.g. Bargue drawings

On the right hand side is a picture from book  Drawing Course by Charles Bargue  (&  Jean-Lén Gérôme ) and on the left side is my try to replicate it.