wk24 drawings

This week I finished a drawing that I have been continuing on and off for few weeks. It is an exercise for Udemy course The Ultimate Drawing Masterclass: Start Drawing Better Today. You can find my earlier pitiful attempts on my May 13th post about my progress on March . So this is a proof that Tuomas Tuimaala’s teachings work. It is still far from perfect (I really would need to find a source of patience and perserverance so that I could continue until I would be totally happy with a drawing, but at some point I get fed up and stop), but this still is quite huge improvement from my earlier attempts.

I drew some pictures again following instructions on Christopher Hart’s books and videos:

Then one drawing following instruction video on YouTube Channel Pencil Drawing

wk 23 drawings

I have tried to draw something every day this week, mostly following Christopher Harts YouTube videos for beginners. My photography is unfortunately pretty lousy 🙁

This one is from Christopher Hart’s book ‘Manga for the beginner – midnight monsters’

I tried drawing with Willow charcoal stick. It is even harder than with pencil.

Then practising drawing eyes.